Refurbishing your hard and solid floors can be instantly transformed by coating it with epoxy. Doing it this way gives your floor not only a high gloss finish, but it will also protect and preserve it for a long time.

In Brisbane, homeowners have seen the advantages gained from installing epoxy flooring Brisbane to their high-trafficked spaces. They have seen that coating their hard floors with epoxy protects and shields it from further damage.

Would having your floors coated with epoxy the right thing to do? Check out the advantages epoxy floor coating can do to make you decide if it’s right for you.


Cover floor defects and appearance

The areas receiving epoxy floor coatings are immediately transformed into sleek and beautiful spaces. Space can range from a garage, kitchen, bathroom or even living areas. Decorative lighting can further complement the look of the area with epoxy flooring. Space transforms into another dimension with the lights bouncing off the surface of your newly-coated epoxy floors.

The defects of wear and tear are also camouflaged by epoxy coatings. The wide range of available colours and designs of epoxy coatings can readily complement or enhance the overall look of a room or garage.

Economical option

Coating the hard floor with epoxy is an economical option than having it removed and retiled. Epoxy floor coating does not need you to remove your old floors. This spares you the cost of having a new floor installed.

An epoxy finish lets you retain your floors while giving them a bright, sleek, and new look. Epoxy coating is also the best option for changing the look of your current floors. The only damper perhaps with the epoxy coating is the long drying time in between.

Yet, the savings you get more than compensate for the long drying time.

Highly resistant floor

Harmful elements are likely to happen to the floors of high-traffic areas. Coating the floors with epoxy makes the floor resistant to water, heat, stain, cracks, and chemicals. It’s the perfect floor option for laundry rooms, garages, and basements.

Shock-resistant floor

Something heavy will inevitably topple or drop to the floor. Coating the hard floors with epoxy makes them shock-resistant to heavy tools and objects that accidentally topple to the floor. The jarring crashes will perhaps unnerve you but will not leave any mark on your floor.

Heat-resistant floor

Dried epoxy floors are highly resistant to heat. The design and concept of epoxy coatings have made the product withstand heat up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. It does not stop there for higher resistance to heat of more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit are with the higher grade epoxy coatings. Kitchens and garages are the ideal spaces to install epoxy flooring.

Water-resistant floor

Spills and flooding can distort and warp floors. Having the floors coated with epoxy helps to strengthen them from water spills and flooding. Make sure to add slip-resistant aggregate to the epoxy coating to get that extra grip.

There seems to be no end to the advantages provided by epoxy floor coatings. Can coating your floors with epoxy a DIY project? It can be if you know about the best components to add to them. However, expert help leaves out the guesswork. Bethell flooring are specialists in epoxy flooring. We are happy to help.