The exterior of your home is the initial thing people see when they are about to walk into your home. The right paint job can add value to the exterior of your house and make it look beautiful and inviting. There are so many colours to take inspiration from. White is always classy and has a timeless grace. However there is no harm in experimenting with colours and there are several ideas which you can take inspiration from.

The following are a few interesting ideas you can implement to the outside of your home for added beauty and grace.

  • Combination of pristine white and cool blue. This is one colour combination with which you could never go wrong. Plus blue and white looks striking together. You can just add a few splashes of clue by having a wall or two painting in the cool colour and keeping the rest of the exterior white. Or you could make blue dominate and add white for some contrast. It all comes down to what actually appeals to you.
  • Tan and terracotta shades work well in warm settings. With tan you have the added benefit of experimenting with lighter and darker shades. Also tan can make the place look rustic yet elegant at the same time.
  • For a more traditional look you can opt for white trim paired with grey. The grey colour is solid and somehow brings the contrast with white into the fore front. Though it’s a conventional combination but one which has an old world charm and tends to look graceful no matter what.
  • You can even go for Tudor style painting of combining a dark coloured trim with a lighter shade. This can be a great look when carried out with the right kind of skill and precision.
  • You can even go for a brick red paint job. When completed with skill, red can actually add to a home’s exterior and add a zing to a drab exterior.

All of the above mentioned looks are great and you can choose from a variety of ideas. Most of these ideas can be seen in the portfolio of exterior painting experts in Melbourne. When looking for house painters keep in mind that one way of getting to know the kind of work they perform is by taking a look at their portfolio. This would help you assess whether you like how they work and if you like a certain painting style which they have carried out in the past. Don’t hesitate to ask them to show you a few samples of their previous work.

When selecting a contractor for a house painting job, make sure you hire someone who is an expert in their field. Painting should be done with careful precision. The painter should ensure that there are no splashes or splotches of paint on the ground or surrounding structures. Only a true professional can manage that.