House rendering is process in which an exterior wall covering is applied with the help of hands and tools by a plasterer. This material helps protect the walls which form the exterior of the home. It is then covered with paint. It is essential for this wall covering to be well protected with the help of the right kind of paint to protect it from cracking and erosion.

The render which is applied on the exterior walls of the house needs proper kind of protection because it is not weather resistant and is prone to weathering. Failure to protect the render could lead to damp travelling in the wall.

The problem would worsen over a period of time and could even lead to problems like the wall crumbling or getting damaged.

When does house rendering come in handy?

By covering the external walls of the home with sand or cement, the house remains protected. You can ask professional wall rendering services in Sydney to apply a render on the walls and then seal it off with a resin based paint for extra protection.

Walls which are not rendered have been through a great deal of weathering. When weathering occurs the paint starts peeling off and the house loos old and decrepit. Despite using other protective measures the walls still remain under constant attack from the elements. If the walls are made from bricks, constant weathering would cause the square edge of the brick to fall off which would lead to potentially expensive repairs.

Why go for house rendering service?

There are several reasons to go for house rendering services

  • Renders come in a variety of forms any of which you can pick and choose to customise your home. You can chose from acrylic, granosite and texturised rendering.
  • It can improve the overall appeal of your home. It doesn’t matter whether the external walls of your home are made from concrete or bricks. It’s a technique which can work on any kind of wall surface.
  • Helps make the wall surfaces durable. Continuous exposure to the elements can render the walls to weathering and erosion. However walls which have been treated with rendering can stand any kind of weather and can bear all the elements without losing its classic touch.
  • A coat of render also makes the wall scratch resistant.
  • Rendering can also improve the energy efficiency of your home. Now you must be wondering what renderings got to do with a home being energy efficient? Render has an ability to keep te walls of your home insulated. Insulated walls mean that a home doesn’t lose its heating or cooling easily. This way energy is conserved and too much energy is not wasted.
  • It’s a home improvement project which can add value to your home. Rendered walls don’t need to be painted that often. The paint tends to stay fresh and doesn’t lose its look.