An excellent location for solar power is Lismore, since it is more affordable in comparison with the high prices for electricity elsewhere. The rate of sunshine in Lismore supports the use of solar energy. Residents who are interested in small-scale solar power systems purchase them at a discounted price from a credible solar installer. The reduced prices act as incentives so that residents in Lismore will be interested in investing more in solar power. The local government in Lismore is concerned with setting up clean and sustainable energy for its residents. In fact, according to one report, there are more households in Lismore using solar power than in other parts of Australia.

Prices of Solar Power in Lismore

A quality solar installer can be found in or around the Lismore area. These solar installers are responsible for giving an estimation of the prices of the different types of solar available depending on the needs of an individual. They may also be involved in electrical contracting. It is important to compare quotes from different installers. On average, the price for a 2kw solar system is about $3300, while for a 3kw solar system it is about $4800. Residents who opt for a higher kW solar system, for example 8kw and 10kw, may take advantage of available discounts from a solar installer. For an 8kw system, the average price per wat is about $1.18 while that for a 10kw system is slightly lower at $1.17. There are also 4kw, 5kw, 6kw, 7kw, and 20kw solar systems available, each at different prices.

Solar Installers in Lismore

Clients and prospective customers expect top quality installation of solar systems. The best way to ensure quality and efficient installation of a solar system is by hiring a solar installer. A good solar installer is one who has experience installing and maintaining any of the different types of solar systems a client purchases. Since there are so many solar installers in the Lismore area, it is not difficult to locate one who has the necessary skills. It is best to search for installers who are passionate about their work and are always ready to satisfy their clients.

Another good way to locate credible solar installers in Lismore is to search for those whose clients are satisfied with their services and highly recommend them to others. These are also responsible for analysis of a solar system before installation and after the installation process to ensure that the system functions optimally. Solar installers in Lismore also provide the maintenance of solar systems. They strive to keep in touch with customers (commercial businesses and residential) even after installation to ascertain the performance of the installed system.