Have you ever hired inspectors for building and pest inspections? What things did they inspect? Do they find any issues with your home? So many people will hire inspectors for building and pest inspections, but they do not know the kind of things that the inspectors are supposed to check during the inspection. For this reason, even if the inspectors produce an imperfect report, the homeowners will not know. It is always very important to know what you expect from your inspectors and how they will conduct the inspection. When your inspectors are doing the inspection, make sure that you are with them and see whether they are checking on the following things:

Structural problems

One of the things that you need to ensure that your inspectors are checking are the issues related to the building structure. Such issues include cracking and settling.  There are so many problems that could have led to these issues. But you have to make sure that the inspectors check whether your home has cracks or has undergone settling.

Drainage issues

The other issue that you most likely have in your home is drainage problems.  During building and pest inspections, inspectors are supposed to make sure that they find out whether the drainage system of your home is fine or not. There are a number of things that will help these inspectors conclude whether or not you have drainage issues in your home. Some of these things include:

–       Standing water

–       Leaking pipes

–       Leaking showers

–       Poor drainage

–       Water staining

–       Fungal decay

Always make sure that the inspectors you have hired have checked on all these things during the building and pest inspections. This will help you know whether there are any issues you need to fix with your drainage or whether it is fine. In case any of these issues have been highlighted for you, ensure that you have conducted any repairs that are required at the time.

Termite activities

It is always very difficult to find out whether there are pests in your home or not. However, there are times when you can easily know that your home has pests. During building and pest inspections, this is an important area that must be dealt with seriously. This is because termites can cause so much damage if you are unaware of their presence in your home.  Your inspectors will also advise you on how to ensure that there are no termites in your home. In case they are there, they will also tell you how to deal with them

Roofing problems

There are so many inspectors who will ignore checking on the condition of your roof. This is because most of them are concerned about how your home looks from the inside and not from the outside.  Ensure that the condition of your roof is checked during the inspection.  This will help you fix any issues with your roofs before it is too late and expensive for you.


There are so many types of moulds that can be in your home. Mould can be found in different rooms, including in your bathroom. Make sure the inspectors find out whether there is mould in your home during the inspection.

Safety issues

The other thing that the inspectors must validate is whether your home is safe for the people; living there or not. Make sure that the inspectors have mentioned the safety levels of your home any time they are conducting home inspections.