The demand for building inspectors is rising. Their primary role is to ensure that potential buyers get safe and functional buildings. Similarly, pest inspectors play a vital role in helping buyers understand the effects of pests of pest on a building and how to eliminate the termites. Undoubtedly, if you buy a well-built house, which is free of pest, then you’ll have fewer or even none of the unnecessary repairs in the future. This saves your money.

Getting the right building and pest inspection services require employing a qualified and experienced individual. You need to do some in-depth research to find such individuals.  The first place to check is the building inspection checklist Australia authorities offer. Upon stumbling on the right candidate, he/she should understand the details of the job, most importantly, understanding important house inspection tips.

That said, the following are the critical feature to put in mind when looking for building and pest inspection Gold Coast offers.

Combined services: building and pest inspection

If you hire an individual, most definitely, you’ll not get this combined services. One person is specialised to either be a building inspector or pest inspector. This way, they offer a detailed report because they can concentrate on what they do.

On the other hand, if you hire a company, you’ll get both services. Certainly, this saves your time. Companies usually hire experienced personnel to deliver outstanding jobs. If you are looking for someone to inspect both building and pests look for a company that offers both services.

Building Inspection: Done by a licenced and insured builder. The primary role is to identify structural faults and safety issues as well as providing advice. Additionally, the builder is open to any questions you may be having including renovation ideas.

Pest Inspection: This inspection typically cover all aspects affecting timber including timber pest, timber decay termites, and other timber pests like borer, mould and fungi. With the right experience, the inspection experts can treat, and install termite protectors for added functionalities.

Basic requirements

For someone to work for you, you need to consider their qualification and experience. Being an inspector requires certification from the necessary bodies besides having an education. Therefore, when you want to hire these people, ask them for a license. Still, get the details of their licence to be sure who you are dealing with.  Most importantly, the format of their report should be compliant with the Australian Standard.

Another absolute essential requirement is insurance. The best example is the professional indemnity, which will protect you in the event there is some negligence. Inspections by KTS Building and Pest are insured, so do check out their services.


Determining how professional a company is can be quite tricky. Nevertheless, you use some tips to assess this aspect. For instance, look at the range of the services they offer versus the cost. Some companies may just be out to exploit their clients. Unsuspecting clients usually put trust on the experts.

Some companies in Gold Coast may quote building repairs as part of building and pest inspection reports. This is utterly unprofessional. Such a company gives you misleading advice, and as such, you may incur unnecessary charges.


The cost of carrying out an inspection depends on the exact type you are requesting. Inspections done visually are not as costly as those requiring in-depth analysis.