You need to maintain your turf to help keep your lawn and outdoor space healthy and attractive. Turf can either be natural grass or artificial. Whichever the case, care and maintenance must be practised at all times to help maintain the epic look. So, what do you know about maintaining turf? Here are a few tips on maintaining your turf, and why you need to hire turf maintenance services.

Five tips on maintaining your turf

Regular mowing:

It is vital to keep your turf at optimal height by mowing it constantly. You should observe the height of the grass and adjust the blade appropriately to avoid damaging the turf while achieving the required height.

Regular watering:

Proper watering is essential in maintaining your turf health. You should carry out deep irrigation to encourage deep root growth and achieve drought resistance. It is advisable to water your turf early in the morning to prevent evaporation and infections that may occur while watering at midday.

Apply fertiliser:

Applying fertiliser to your turf provides vital nutrients to aid in fast and efficient growth. However, you must select a suitable fertiliser formula for your grass type and ensure that you follow the application instructions to the latter.

Controlling weeds:

You should always remove weeds from your turf to maintain an aesthetic look and maintain the health of your turf. You can also apply appropriate herbicides to deal with the weeds if they are difficult to remove by hand.

Monitoring pests and diseases:

You should also keep an eye on pests and diseases that can destroy your turf. You will need appropriate insecticides from certified suppliers to deal with such bugs. In case of diseases, which can be observed through thinning or discolouring of leaves, apply appropriate fungicides as instructed by an expert.

Are you in need of turf maintenance services in Brisbane?

Well, if you are interested in starting your turf at home or looking to maintain your turf and you have no time to spare for the same, here are some of the reasons why you may need to outsource turf maintenance to the experts:

Limited time:

 Turf maintenance is a tedious process and requires a lot of time and effort, which you may not seem to give. In such cases, the only way to ensure that your turf is well maintained is by hiring professional maintainers.

Equipment constraints:

On the other hand, you may have all the time and effort to maintain your turf, but unfortunately lack the right equipment to help you accomplish such tasks. Considering the high value of such tools, it becomes wise to let the experts do the work for you.

Need for professionalism:

Maybe you constantly receive visitors and you always want your home or workplace to have an aesthetic look. The first place to consider is your turf. Professional maintainers who are Brisbane’s turf specialists can help you to achieve quality results that will give lasting impressions to visitors.

Turf forms one of the fundamental assets in a home or office that gives lasting impressions to visitors. Some tips to help you maintain your turf include regular mowing, regular watering, applying fertiliser, controlling weeds, and monitoring pests and diseases. You should consider hiring turf maintenance professionals because of constraints like time, equipment and professionalism. Now that you have a good knowledge of turf, why don’t you start one for your home, now?