Not only does a wood stain makes your space look stylish and aesthetic but it is quite cost effective as well. It works well for decks, fences and all other projects. The following are a few reasons why wooden stains work well.

Prevents the wood from rotting

The extreme weather conditions can cause the wood to rot over an extended period of time. If it is not sealed properly, the fencing or the deck would start looking decrepit. This could also lead to wood becoming weakened over time. One of the most common reasons for rotting is mold. However termites and mildew can cause rotting as well. Staining the wood prevents it from rotting. Ensuring that you carry out a staining job once in a while can help get rid of the rot.

Protection from weather elements

Frequent rains can cause water to seep into wooden decks. This can be potentially harmful and cause the wood to swell. Over time the moisture can cause the wood to rot and break. If that keeps happening you could very well say good bye to your wooden flooring. Also if the wooden paneling is not sealed off properly using the right stain, sunlight can cause just as much havoc as moisture. Using a wood stain helps prevent the structural stability of wooden paneling and flooring.

Cost effective ad economical

Wood looks great when used on decks as a walking area. However, due to continuous traffic the wooden decks might lose the aesthetic appeal. While you might consider painting your deck, but it wouldn’t look as aesthetically appealing as wood stains. The paint can crack or flake and add to the tacky appearance. However using a stain is a better option because it looks great and lasts longer. Plus a wooden floor which is stained is easier to clean as well.

Low maintenance

Once you have the floors stained you can rest assured that there is very little maintenance which you would have to perform. Stain can be applied without using primer. The stains are not only easier to apply but dry up sooner. Re-staining doesn’t have to be done more than every few years or so.

Signs your floors need staining

Wondering when your floors actually need the staining? The following are few instances where staining a floor can be helpful.

  • Your floors are starting to look old and less aesthetic
  • The weather conditions are worsening and it seems that your wooden desks are too old for wear
  • You can see the rot settling in. this is quite alarming and one which should be dealt with immediately if you want to avoid breakage.

If you decide to get your floors stained make sure you choose a professional service who know their job well. They can give you valuable regarding the color and quality of the stain which would work best for your floors.

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