Have you noticed that the concrete floors are looking old and decrepit? Despite the fact that you house and dust the floors often, it just doesn’t seem to brighten up. It’s common for concrete to become porous over a period of time. Also the elements can make cracks appear in the surface. When water enters those cracks, the concrete starts looking old and porous. If that happens you might be wondering what could be done about it. Ripping the floor to install a new one isn’t a mart option, plus it’s going to cost quite a great deal. On way of ensuring that your floor tends to retain its look is to waterproof the concrete.

If you are looking for waterproofing in Mackay, make sure you hire the right people to do the job. Below are a few waterproofing options for concrete floors.

Epoxy painting for waterproofing concrete floors

Epoxy painting is a combination of epoxy sealing and painting as well. it provides the best of both worlds to any floor and can help make it look beautiful and more aesthetically appealing. It works well in commercial buildings as well as homes. There are loads of colours and designs to choose from. Epoxy flooring can add a subtle shine to ay floor and help brighten up a room to quite an extent. Plus the best part is that it is water proof and also prone to any kind of spillage thus providing a safer environment for all those in the building.

Sealing concrete

Sealing a concrete floor can help make it water proof. It can be sealed using a variety of chemicals. Epoxy, urethane e and vinyl can provide an option for waterproofing the floor. Before the sealant is applied, it is advised that the floor should be painted and the cracks should be filled up.

Use of liquid or sheet membranes

Though liquid and sheet membranes can help water proof a floor, the result is not often not as aesthetically appealing. However this option works well for walls but not the floors.

Cement waterproofing

A thin layer of cement is applied with a brush or a trowel to an already existing concrete floor. When it dries up it can help harden the texture of the concrete and seal off the floor in a way that nothing can enter the flooring and completely waterproofing it. Sometimes acrylic is added to the cement mixture to make it even stronger. However it may water proof the floor but does not prevent the cracks from appearing in a floor.

Bentonite flooring

Bentonite is a flooring option which differs from all the above mentioned methods. The bentonite compromise of a clay like material. This is laid down in large sheets over the flow. It acts as a water absorbent. Once it absorbs the water, it swells and fills up all the previous cracks in the floor. It then turns into a permanent fill material.